General Operating Policies

These policies, which have been adopted by the Inola Public Library Board of Trustees, govern the daily operating procedures of the Library. The Library will serve everyone. Service will not be denied because of race, religion, social, economic or political status.

Borrower Registration

Residents of Rogers county are issued individual or family cards.

Individual cards will be issued to those 18 years of age. Those younger than 18 will be listed on a family card.

Items are loaned for 2 weeks. Items may be rechecked/renewed for an additional 2 weeks by bringing the item to the Library, a phone call to the Library, or online using your library card number as your password.

Fines will be $ .05 per day, per item, and the maximum fine will be the value of the item. Lost items will be charged at the value listed plus a processing fee of 10% of the cost of the item.

Letters will be sent by the Library Director to patrons who have items which are overdue for an excessive length of time.

Reference books do not circulate. Exceptions may be made for inexpensive materials not part of a set at the discretion of the Library Director.

When items are returned, they will be inspected and if torn, cut, marked on or otherwise damaged, the patron will be asked to pay for the book.

Use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause. Due cause may be defined as, but not limited to: failure to return items, failure to pay fines, destruction of Library property, disturbance of other patrons or any other objectionable behavior.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones are to be on silent or vibrate setting while patrons are in the Library. All calls are to be made or taken outside the Library.

Fax & Copies

Fax service is provided for patrons.

The Inola Public Library FAX number is (918)-543-3999.

Library staff, city employees and trained patrons only will operate the FAX and copy machines.

Copyright guidelines will be followed for all FAX transmissions or copying.

The Inola Public Library will maintain a list of Libraries owning FAX Machines and other useful FAX numbers as they become available.

Patrons will provide the correct FAX number for transmission to other locations.

Patrons will provide documents to be transmitted in a sendable form (i.e. letter-size items).

FAX fees will be collected and a receipt prepared on request of the patron.

  • Fees are $1.00 per page for sending and receiving FAX transmittals.
  • Copies are .10 cents per page.
  • City departments will be exempt from charges.